Fluency Assessment Practice and Additional TN 2nd Grade Assessment Resources

In Tennessee, the second grade assessment will include a fluency section aligned to Tennessee standard 2.RF.4.a: (RF) Reading Foundational Skills.  To help 2nd grade teachers, I have created several practice assessments as well as shared some much-needed information below.

Practice: Click here or on the picture to download the practice fluency set.

Read aloud directions for teachers:  “Here are 20 sentences. Read each sentence and ask yourself: Is this sentence true? Mark YES or NO to answer the question for each sentence. Do not start until I say “Go.” Do as many as you can before I say “Stop.”

Testing Format for TN 2nd Grade Fluency Section Assessment: Students will have a set of twenty sentences in their test booklets, varying in length from four to eight words (four each with four, five, six, seven, and eight words per sentence). Each sentence includes words that are at or below the second grade reading level. Each sentence is structured to present a statement that is easily recognizable as true or not true. Students will have one minute to read the sentences and mark YES or NO as directed

Additional TN 2nd Grade Assessment Resources: 

Thank you for reading. Please comment below if you have any questions or need additional resources.


Contraction Games for Students (Free downloads)

This post contains three resources you can use at school or home to help your students identify contractions. The resources are contraction bingo set, contraction puzzle, and contraction dominoes. To see these products in use, click here to view the product reels on Instagram. 
Teaching Tip: 
One of my editing rules for my students is that they “must break apart a contraction.” This rule helps them figure out if they should be using it’s or its. To follow this rule, students must know their contractions. 
contractions exercises with answers

contractions exercises with answers

contractions exercises with answers

       Click on each image to download the free resource. Thank you for stopping by and please let me know in the comments below what other resources you are looking for.


Commonly Confused Words Bingo (Free download)

Commonly Confused Words practice for students


    I hope everyone had a great new year and is ready to head back to school. We have in-service on Monday, and students return Tuesday. A reader requested for some resources to help students use and practice commonly confused words. Click on the images below to download the free Bingo game.

Commonly Confused words practice
Click on the image to download my Commonly Confused Words Bingo Set. The set has ten different bingo cards and a list of words with definitions. I plan on reading the definition out loud to the students for them to find the word on their bingo cards. I laminate the meaning sheets and mark them off with an expo when I call them out to the students. I also laminate the students’ cards, and they use expo markers to mark their words instead of using those pesky circles that get everywhere. 


Vocabulary Cube Freebie on Text Features

             I am still working hard on creating resources for my tier 1 students during their spotlight time. Spotlight time is when we provide intervention and enrichment for all students. Today I have for you a vocabulary cube, matching cards, and a vocabulary list with definitions for text features.

Vocabulary Cube Teacher Directions: 
  1. Cut out all of the pieces of the vocabulary cube. I like to color-code my sets. Every text feature is yellow, parts of speech are pink, and so on. 
  2. Then laminate each piece and store it in a sandwich bag or small container. 

Vocabulary Cube Student Directions: 
  1. Either in teams, duos, or solo lay out all of your pieces on your table. 
  2. Next match the pieces together, make sure the definition and examples match on all the sides with words. 
  3. The first team, duo, or student to finish correctly wins! 

Vocabulary Cube

Vocabulary cube vocabulary game

    You can download the set here. I am working to create a new page on my blog with all of the RTI2 materials I’ve created and will be creating. The page will be up in a few weeks! 


I have…Who Has Games for Common Prefixes, Common Suffixes, and Common Roots (Free download)


Literacy Games for Vocabulary

I Have…Who Has is an easy-to-play game that is a great way to practice essential language concepts with the whole class. As students match up the answers on their cards with questions on other students’ cards, they get valuable practice with vocabulary and listening skills. The game requires students to focus and listen carefully to decide whether the definition matches one of their words. 


  • Randomly distribute the cards among students. 
  • Everyone gets a least one card, but many students will have more than one. 
  • The student with the start card will go first. 
  • The student will say “I have the start card “Who has” definition for ______”.
  • The person who has the word being defined calls out “I have” followed by the word. 
  • That person then reads the “Who has” definition on their card. 
  • The game continues until all the definitions have been read. 

       Check out my cooperative learning games that can be downloaded for free by clicking here! Check me out on Facebook and Twitter too!


Prefix Practice Freebie

           I am currently working towards creating practice sets for vocabulary to be used during out spotlight time. Spotlight time is our RTI2 time for students in all tiers. Students in tier two and up have a set curriculum they follow. Our tier one students do not have a specific curriculum. Their time is for enrichment and is often taught by teacher’s aides.   I’ve started to create some sets and I am ready to publish one of the sets. I would love feedback. The set contains the following:

List of prefixes used in the practice set. 

A set of vocabulary matching cards. 

A vocabulary cube activity

     You can download the full practice set here. Love to hear what you think or what you feel needs to be added.


Prefix Practice Cards for Whole Group or Centers (Free download)

Prefix and Suffixes are critical for vocabulary instruction. I’ve created prefix cards for teaching in my classroom. Each page has a prefix and then its definition. I use them to introduce a prefix each day. Then we review them as we add more! I also add magnets on the back to stick to my whiteboard. I give the students the prefix card and definition to sort for one of my centers. Then they take a picture of their finished product with the class IPad. They name the image the name of their group to review their work. 
I made zebra for myself, but I also created a couple of others for my non-zebra-loving fans. Teachers can use the set on word walls, centers, or whole group instruction. Download the cards below, and please share how you will use these cards in your classroom in the comment box! 
prefix practice worksheet
Zebra themed common prefixes with definitions 

prefix practice worksheet
Heart themed common prefixes with definitions

prefix practice worksheet
Poka Dot themed common prefixes with definitions



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