More Free Zebra Theme Items

 Using the template, I found on Real Classroom Ideas I created a few zebra theme items for the classroom. 
You can type in these name plates and type your students names. 
You can also change my name to your name in this document! 
You can also change the labels to fit your needs.
           I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you need anything else! 


Theme For The New Year & a Freebie To Go With It

          So I have been thinking about what theme I would like for the classroom. I have decided on black, pink, with zebra. I am so excited about the theme. I have been on Google all day looking for ideas. I found a zebra label template on Real Classroom Ideas. Using their template I created labels for my Reading Street Leveled Reader baskets. (Click here to get them). I plan on creating many more items for my classroom and share them with all my blog friends. What themes are you planning on using in your rooms this year?


Library Labels Part Two (Freebie)

          Okay friends I am back with the more labels for our libraries! We had Science Fair today, so students were available to help out with the organizing of the library. Some of my more organized students helped me identify the genre and reading level of the books in my library. We used the Scholastic Book Wizard to help find the information on each of the books. It is easy and free to use.

         On to the labels, I have created some more labels for the library and you can find them here for free! Please let me know if you need a specific genre. I would love to make them for you.

           This is what my library looks like now:

          It looks pretty, but students randomly look for books. My plan is to have all books organized by genre and the color-coded for levels. This is on my to-do list for the summer. I would love to see others libraries, share your links to your pictures in the comments so I can come look. Thank you!


Library Make Over and Free Genre Labels

        For the last three years I have wanted to make over my classroom library, but something always gets in my way. I still have eight days of school left, but I have decided to go ahead and start on my make over efforts. In order to start the make over I have created some really cute labels (at least I think so) for my baskets. I have one set created and will be sharing more of the sets as I create them. Click on the picture below to get the labels for the following genres: sports, biographies, poetry, dictionary, realistic fiction, science fiction, humor, and adventure.

*When you look at the labels in Google docs it looks like they are off, but when you download them they are fine!*

            I hope they are helpful and you enjoy!


Free Persuasive Techniques Center


                   As a sixth grade teacher, my students must learn four of the persuasive techniques used in advertisements. They must know bandwagon, name calling, testimonial, and loaded words. There are not that many resources available out there. So, I created a center for my students. Students will have the four header cards and seven persuasive technique cards. Students will work together to place each example under the heading. For more in-depth learning students can identify the words that helped them identify the persuasive technique. I also provided an answer sheet.  Click here for the free center! I hope you enjoy.



Another Great Resource for Teachers

         Make Your Own 

     There are a lot of great sites to make your own handouts and worksheets. Below are some sites to make and print your own handouts and worksheets for FREE! (Our favorite)

Testing Modification Chart Generator

         I hope these are helpful! Please share below if you have any sites with free printables. 

Bing and Donors Choose

                   Bing is providing a great way to earn Donors Choose gift cards. All you need to do is sign up for Bing Search  and use the search engine. For each search you complete you receive points. When you reach 500 points you can then redeem the points for a $5.00 gift card for Donors Choose. You can use the gift card for your project or others. A great opportunity! Go here to sign up.



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