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Vocabulary Cube Freebie on Text Features

             I am still working hard on creating resources for my tier 1 students during their spotlight time. Spotlight time is when we provide intervention and enrichment for all students. Today I have for you a vocabulary cube, matching cards, and a vocabulary list with definitions for text features.

Vocabulary Cube Teacher Directions: 
  1. Cut out all of the pieces of the vocabulary cube. I like to color-code my sets. Every text feature is yellow, parts of speech are pink, and so on. 
  2. Then laminate each piece and store it in a sandwich bag or small container. 

Vocabulary Cube Student Directions: 
  1. Either in teams, duos, or solo lay out all of your pieces on your table. 
  2. Next match the pieces together, make sure the definition and examples match on all the sides with words. 
  3. The first team, duo, or student to finish correctly wins! 

Vocabulary Cube

Vocabulary cube vocabulary game

    You can download the set here. I am working to create a new page on my blog with all of the RTI2 materials I’ve created and will be creating. The page will be up in a few weeks! 


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