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Prefix Practice Cards for Whole Group or Centers (Free download)

Prefix and Suffixes are critical for vocabulary instruction. I’ve created prefix cards for teaching in my classroom. Each page has a prefix and then its definition. I use them to introduce a prefix each day. Then we review them as we add more! I also add magnets on the back to stick to my whiteboard. I give the students the prefix card and definition to sort for one of my centers. Then they take a picture of their finished product with the class IPad. They name the image the name of their group to review their work. 
I made zebra for myself, but I also created a couple of others for my non-zebra-loving fans. Teachers can use the set on word walls, centers, or whole group instruction. Download the cards below, and please share how you will use these cards in your classroom in the comment box! 
prefix practice worksheet
Zebra themed common prefixes with definitions 

prefix practice worksheet
Heart themed common prefixes with definitions

prefix practice worksheet
Poka Dot themed common prefixes with definitions



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