Welcome to Part 3 of the “Landing the Teaching Job of Your Dreams Series.” In the series, I will use my experience interviewing for and interviewing to hire to help you land the job you want!  The series will focus on how to ace the interview, how to set yourself apart from the other candidates, and how to share all of the ideas that you have to make learning fun for your students. 

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There are so many minor details to think about when applying for a teaching job or really any job for that matter. Use the list below to make sure you stand out in a crowd for a good reason. 

  • Social Media: Check all your accounts and delete any pictures or posts that could offend someone or people would gossip about. My rule is if I would stand up in church and say it or show it, then it shouldn’t be online. The best route is to set everything to private. 
  • Cell Phone Message: Set up your cell phone message with a message that includes your first and last name. Also, make sure you have plenty of space for someone to leave a message. Just imagine a possible employer calling to set up an interview and they can’t leave you a message. 
  • iPhone User: Please make sure your Apple ID and nickname are appropriate. When someone is texting or calling someone with another iPhone the phone will offer a “maybe so and so” when the number isn’t in that person’s contact list. Please do not have your “maybe so and so” show up as sexylady22. 
  • Google: Google yourself! See what comes up and if it is something you’d be proud of. I would suggest creating a Linkedin account. If you have one that is public, that will show first and would be a great foot forward. You can view mine here for ideas.  Once you’ve looked at the all results, take a look at the image results. My Twitter picture comes up first, so you may want to make sure your Twitter picture is professional. 

Find more tips from this series: 

Please comment below with questions for a future job hunting Q&A. 
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