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Landing the Teaching Job of Your Dreams Series: Part 2 What to Wear to the Interview and To Turn in Your Application

Teacher Interview Questions and tips

Welcome to Part 2 of the “Landing the Teaching Job of Your Dreams Series.” In the series, I will use my experience interviewing for and interviewing to hire to help you land the job you want!  The series will focus on how to ace the interview, how to set yourself apart from the other candidates, and how to share all of the ideas that you have to make learning fun for your students. 

Unfortunately, first impressions are often based on what you look like when you enter the door. Let’s rock the first impression, so you can share what you are going to do for the students in the classroom. 

Turning in your application: 

    You never know who’ll you’ll meet when you turn in your application, so dress accordingly. Ladies wear a dress or slacks with a nice blouse. Gentlemen wear slacks with a polo or button-up. Do not turn in your application wearing jeans or athleisure wear.  If you wear makeup, keep it natural and limit accessories. Also, be sure to turn your cellphone on silent. Lastly, do not put your application in a folder or report cover. Many districts make copies for the rest of the interview committee, and it adds an annoying step for that person.



 Research the school and see if you can find out the teachers’ dress code. Some schools are more laid back than others. You want to make sure you do not break the dress code. For example, I have burgundy hair, which is often against the dress code, and I will change it for interviews. That way, it does not distract the interview committee. Then later find out what my principal’s or director’s preference is on hair color. The same goes for clothing and shoes.    When choosing your outfit and accessories follow these guidelines: 

  • Suits are always a good choice, but not mandatory. A nice dress, slacks, and a blouse, or slacks a button-up and tie are a good choice too. 
  • No perfume or cologne: Someone may be sensitive to your choice of perfume or cologne
  • Be sure your shoes are clean and reasonable. Stay away from open-toed shoes and stiletto heels.
  • Pick accessories that don’t make noise. Leave the Apple watch or bangles in the car or at home.
  • Get a hair cut before interviewing, and if you color your hair, make sure you do not have roots showing. You do not want your grown-out roots to distract from how amazing you are! 
  • Iron…Iron…Iron (Do it, don’t skip this) 
  • Make sure your nails are trimmed for both men and women. If you wear polish, make sure it is fresh or take it off completely. 

If you have any questions, please comment below. Also, be sure to come back for the series post to help you land your dream teaching job! 

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