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I'm Going Deskless!!!

I am so so excited, I have convinced my principal to allow me to get rid  of my teacher desk. I never sat at the desk and it took up to much room. So I bet everyone is wondering how in the world. Well, I’ll tell you what I am doing with my stuff that use to be in my desk.

The items that I do not use on a daily basis are now hanging on the back of my closet door. Items like awards, stickers, ziplock bags, etc. I labeled each pocket so I could find the items quickly!
The items I use on a daily basis are in these lovely organizer. I found it for $5.00 at Walmart in the home repair area. I am going to take pretty card stock and decorate to match the colors of my room. I’ll post about that process when I start it.
I am looking forward to starting the new year in August without my desk. I plan to use the extra space to enlarge the library area. How many of my blog friends are deskless? How many are planning are to go deskless?
  • I haven't had a desk for 5 years. I really like it because the kids know they can always come and sit at an empty chair and continue working until I finish with another student, or just come over and listen while I'm explaining something to another kid.Check out my blog at jarofpencils.blogspot.com I just started it this month, but I have definetly caught the teacher blog bug, so please follow me.

  • I have considered going deskless. In fact, today I just emptied it all out for summer. Maybe I'll just move it out when I return. It takes up so much space and ends up being a junk collector.

  • I was the same way. My students told my principal that she was the only one that sat at it. It helped my case to get rid of my desk.

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