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Gradebook! Paper or Online?

             I lived through my first overnight experience and the zoo with my niece (3) and my nephew (11 months). We had all kinds of fun, but I need a nap or five naps. So now I have time to blog about my classroom. I used paper grade book my first year of teaching, but after a technology training I feel in love with an online grade book. I have been using an online grade book for the last two years and I plan to continue to use it. I use Jupiter Grades to record grades, track absences/tardies, and record individual notes about each student. There is a free version that works great. You can record grades and attendance for as many different classes as you need. You can print rosters, report cards, progress reports, seating charts, and other reports. The records are accessible from year to year.

          I am wondering if anyone else uses online grade books. If you do what programs or website do you use? I am looking forward to hearing from everyone!

  • I am transitioning to an online grade book. I recently started using enGrade which is also a free gradebook program. Next year our county is having us all use a common program to do attendance & grades. I really do like an online gradebook vs. paper/pen. It's just so much easier!LisaLearning Is Something to Treasure

  • My entire system uses PowerSchool. It is required for everyone to use as this is how our official attendance is maintained and our report cards are generated from it as well.Not sure it's the best thing out there, but I do love the online aspect…soooo much easier and quicker for me!~MichelleMaking It As A Middle School Teacher

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