Laptop Charging Station for the Classroom!

DIY Charging Station for the classroom
The charging station for the class laptops was quick and easy to put together. Each computer, power cord, and tray have matching washi tape. The charging station lets students know exactly where to put each laptop and which power cord goes to which laptop. This fix made the laptop mess in the classroom much neater and more manageable for students.

Student Lists on Your Name Badge

       I found this awesome idea on Pinterest on how to keep your student lists with you all the time without caring around a clipboard, piece of paper, etc. Here is the picture:

Put student's names on the back of YOUR nametag so that you won't have to worry about finding the list during something like a firedrill.
     I love this idea, but I have five class lists. I still wanted to do this, but I had to think about how. This is what I came up with. I bought three badge holders. I created the small lists like above. I put my homeroom on the back of my badge and put the other four lists in the other two badge holders. Two lists per badge holder, with each list facing the opposite direction. 
Product Details
Badge holders
        Does anyone have any other ideas about how to carry around your lists with you easily?


More Free Hand signal Sets!

          I’ve made it! I just finished my first full week of school. I really need to take pictures of my room, but I keep forgetting. I hope to remember and get them posted for everyone some time next week. I’ve had a few requests for different types of designs of the hand signals I use in my classroom. I plan on making a few more, but here are a few until then. I purchased the frames from the Lesson Cloud blog. I hope you enjoy them!

Click the picture to get the freebie! 
Click the picture to get the freebie! 



Hand Signals in the Classroom and a freebie

         Hand signals in the classroom have been floating around the Internet for years. I especially like Clutter Free Classroom’s and Littlest Learner’s hand signal signs. I changed them to fit my classroom and our needs. Students hold their hand up with a certain number of fingers to indicate what they need.

  • One is question
  • Two is answer
  • Three is pencil
  • Four is bathroom
  • Five is eraser
     I also use the sign language for yes and no to answer them when I am in a small group, which you can find here for no and here for yes. 
     Since I have a new obsession with zebra print, I had to create my own with zebra
Click the picture to download your free set! 
       I hope you enjoy! Now, I know that not everyone loves zebra, so if you would like a non-zebra set e-mail me and I can create you a different set. I’m now off to finish my classroom, so I can finally show everyone pictures. 


Ideas for Teachers: Sticky Notes for Assessments and Classroom Management

    One item teachers should never live without in the classroom is sticky notes. Below are some great ways to use sticky notes in your classroom.

Classroom Management

  1. When students are working independently, and I am with a small group, if students have a need, they will write what they need on a sticky note and leave it in my sticky note bucket. This has helped in various ways: students do not interrupt the small groups, have the connection they need with me when I am not available, and some students who would not verbally tell you they need something will write it on a sticky note. 
  2. It is a great exit ticket for feedback with no making copies necessary. Post the question on the board, and students can leave the answer stuck to the door as they leave. 
  3. It is an excellent use for a parking lot. Students often have questions that do not have anything to do with what we are doing. Students know if they have a question, comment, or story, they can write a short note on a sticky note and put it in the parking lot (a bucket). At the end of the class, we check the parking lot. Let students know if it is a private matter to note that it will not be shared with the class. 

     Of course, the ideas above require discussion and practice. As a class, we discuss questions/comments that should be written down and questions they already know the answer to. 

    We also discuss when they can write their notes and turn them in. The students catch on quickly. A great site with lesson plans and tips on using sticky notes in your classroom is Post-it for teachers. Please share any sticky note ideas that you may have. 


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