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Hand Signals in the Classroom and a freebie

         Hand signals in the classroom have been floating around the Internet for years. I especially like Clutter Free Classroom’s and Littlest Learner’s hand signal signs. I changed them to fit my classroom and our needs. Students hold their hand up with a certain number of fingers to indicate what they need.

  • One is question
  • Two is answer
  • Three is pencil
  • Four is bathroom
  • Five is eraser
     I also use the sign language for yes and no to answer them when I am in a small group, which you can find here for no and here for yes. 
     Since I have a new obsession with zebra print, I had to create my own with zebra
Click the picture to download your free set! 
       I hope you enjoy! Now, I know that not everyone loves zebra, so if you would like a non-zebra set e-mail me and I can create you a different set. I’m now off to finish my classroom, so I can finally show everyone pictures. 

  • I use the hand signals also. I have been looking for the nice photographs or clip art to make signs but couldn't locate any. I downloaded the zebra for a friend, but I would like the set without as I am doing a Dr. Seuss theme. My email is anna.martine@fsisd.net. Thank you for the post!!!!

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