Free Lesson Plans

                     While on one of my favorite websites, (Scholastic) I found that they have added a database of lesson plans. You can search the database by grade, subject, types, and keywords. The lesson plans include descriptions, directions, resources, and assessments. The same website also has a daily starter for language, math, and a fun fact. The daily starter has two views; a teacher view and a student view. The daily starters can also be printed and are updated each day. The site also has free resources for the Smart board. The sites are separated into categories and then they have the age listed under each resource. 



Test Freebie

                  I am sure all my teacher friends are rushing around trying to get their lovely babies ready for “The Test”.  My students will be taking their last Discovery Education Assessment this coming Thursday. We are off on Monday and Tuesday, so that only leaves me one day to review before “The Test”. I have created a review Power Point that can be used to review for a reading skills test for 5th, 6th, or 7th grade. I plan to use it to hand out tokens exchange for the correct answer. At the end of the class, students with at least 15 tokens get a piece of broccoli (candy). The students really try and pay close attention when they know broccoli is up for graps. I hope this helps in your prep time for “The Test”



A Pocket Chart Stand Alternative

          Teaching is an expensive love of mine, so I love finding cheap alternatives to tools. Pocket charts are a teacher’s best friend, but pocket chart stands can be costly. Instead of buying a pocket chart stand, I purchased a garment rack pictured below. The rail holds the pocket charts with book rings, and there is a bottom rack that can hold materials as well. It also breaks down to be stored when not needed. 


Beach Ball Fun in the Classroom

        Teachers are always looking for fun ways to review skills in the classroom. At the end of each summer many stores have a great sale on beach fun items. I stock up on cheap blow up beach balls; which I get for around .10¢ to .25¢ each. I then write on the beach ball with a permanent marker. For example I have a simile/metaphor practice ball . I wrote various similes and metaphors all over the ball. To play students stand in a circle. The rules are: 

  • You must call the person’s name before you throw the ball to them. 
  • The only person allowed to talk in the circle is the person holding the ball. (expect the teacher of course!)
  • When you catch the ball whatever statement your right hand lands on you read to the group. Then you explain whether it is a simile or metaphor. Then explain why it is a simile or metaphor. 
    The game can be played indoors or outdoors. My students love, love this review game. It is also cheap to create and easy to store when you let the air out. Below is a list of skills I have reviewed with this game, but the potential is limitless. 
  • metaphor/simile
  • fact/opinion
  • vocabulary 
  • reference sources
  • verbs/nouns
  • prefixes/suffixes 
  • point of view
  • types of conflict
  • persuasive techniques

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