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Beach Ball Fun in the Classroom

        Teachers are always looking for fun ways to review skills in the classroom. At the end of each summer many stores have a great sale on beach fun items. I stock up on cheap blow up beach balls; which I get for around .10¢ to .25¢ each. I then write on the beach ball with a permanent marker. For example I have a simile/metaphor practice ball . I wrote various similes and metaphors all over the ball. To play students stand in a circle. The rules are: 

  • You must call the person’s name before you throw the ball to them. 
  • The only person allowed to talk in the circle is the person holding the ball. (expect the teacher of course!)
  • When you catch the ball whatever statement your right hand lands on you read to the group. Then you explain whether it is a simile or metaphor. Then explain why it is a simile or metaphor. 
    The game can be played indoors or outdoors. My students love, love this review game. It is also cheap to create and easy to store when you let the air out. Below is a list of skills I have reviewed with this game, but the potential is limitless. 
  • metaphor/simile
  • fact/opinion
  • vocabulary 
  • reference sources
  • verbs/nouns
  • prefixes/suffixes 
  • point of view
  • types of conflict
  • persuasive techniques

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