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Vocabulary Instruction Research and a Freebie!

       I have been reading quite a bit lately on vocabulary instruction and the connection to student learning. I have found a lot of interesting research and wanted to share a few tips researchers have published. Researchers suggest teachers do the following in order to make vocabulary instruction meaningful for students learning:

  • Providing multiple opportunities to use words
  • Relating unfamiliar words to familiar words 
  • Presenting words within a meaningful context or theme 
  • Providing explicit definitions of words 
  • Scaffolding children’s language through meaningful feedback
        Teachers should also think about what type of questions they are asking their students. Using a variety of opened ended questions allow the students to have meaningful conversation, which will then improve a students vocabulary. Here are a list of question prompts: 
  • Can you tell me more about…?
  • Explain why….; Describe what….
  • I wonder why…?
  • Can you tell me why you think or feel that way?
  • What else can you say about …?
      Now for a freebie, I have been working on adding resources to my Teachers Pay Teachers account. I have created a Vocabulary Match Set on genre that you can get here.

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