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4 On The Fourth Linky

I’m joining Ms. M’s Blog for a linky to see four things teachers are going to try new in their classroom for the upcoming school year. I always love seeing what other teachers are doing or plan to do. 

Here are the 4 things I will try out for the first time this year.

1. I am not going to give spelling tests or spelling lists. I am going to teach spelling within our reading and writing lessons. I am excited about this because I have heard so many times from parents and students we didn’t read/study because we were studying for the spelling test. Then after the test students still could not spell the words. 

2. I am changing my theme to zebra, pink, and lime green. I’ve been creating, searching, and painting little my heart out. 

3. My teammates are changing again, as well as losing the other reading teacher in 5th and 6th grade. Which means I will have 30 students in each class and I’m the inclusion teacher. An inclusion teacher teaches everyone IEP, 504, gifted, and regular ed all in one room. 

4. I am the cheer coach for the JV and Varsity squad. This will be a big change in my school and personal life. I’ve already spent a lot of my summer with tryouts, camp, practices, and fundraisers. I can only imagine how the school year will be. 

Now it is your turn. Share 4 things your going to try for the first time in your class this coming school year.

You don’t have to be a teacher to participate either. Don’t have a class? What are 4 new things your going to try in life?
Share 4 things your going to try for the first time and be sure to link up at Ms. M’s Blog

  • Meagan, Thanks for linking up your the first! :)Ooooo spelling with out spelling tests, great idea. Oh and your new theme sounds precious. Good luck with your new team.Ms. M

  • I have been the inclusion teacher for the last 2 years with 34 in each class. It is very challenging with so many children with varying degrees of accommodations. However, I see so much growth with this group and their view towards learning changes for the good. They are why I teach :)Our teams have changed as well and I am now self-contained with 3rd grade. This means I will be teaching ELA for the first time! So, I am looking forward to reading more about teaching spelling within their readings and writings.PattiOne Class, One Sound

  • This will be my fourth year as the inclusion teacher for 5th and 6th grade reading. I really enjoy it and yes I totally agree, you see so much growth. I'm in freak out mode now going from 20 to 30. I want to give them all they deserve. Any ideas you have on working with some many students in block scheduling would be highly appreciated. Thank you for stopping by! Meagan

  • Okay, I guess if I put them in writing then I have to do them…1. Interactive student Notebooks, I really think these will help my middle schoolers2. Daily/Weekly lesson planning, using a binder and daily folders to be more organized3. Subject binders to keep all of my awesome ideas organized4. Using Mimeo, or some other smart board, we are getting them this year. I used a projector a lot last year, I'm a bit nervous about this, that I won't use it enough.So that's it… wish me luck!Oh, and I want to start blogging, too!

  • I don't want to give spelling tests either, but I don't have a choice. I wish I did! We don't use them for grades so it always seems like a waste of time for me. Thanks for sharing!EmilyI Love My Classroomwww.ilovemyclassroom.blogspot.com

  • You should start blogging. It has been a huge part of my teaching. I have found so many ideas as well as blogging keeps me on the ball. If I want things to blog about I have to finish my projects and create the resources.

  • I'm a new follower who found you from the 4 on the Fourth linky. 🙂 I can't wait to see what your room looks like! Hobby Lobby has some office supplies (stapler, calculator, scissors) that are all jeweled up in zebra print!

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