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Great Free Teacher Resource: Teaching Channel

              I enjoy websites that show other teachers ideas with pictures and videos. A great site that I have found is Teaching Channel. The site has materials for grades Pre-K through 12th. There are various topics and various subjects covered on the website. When you log on you will find so many videos that you will want to watch, but do not worry about needing to hunt for videos more than once. You can save videos to your planner or download videos for watching later. Videos are not the only learning tool, they also have their own blog with great ideas. Another great point of the website is that it is FREE.  I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do!

      Suggested Videos:


  • This teachers resource cab be identified as a big benefit to all teachers ,as they can get all free teaching materials, in the one place. It makes it simpler for teachers to know one website where they could find ready-made materials to download, print and use straight away. Thanks a lot.

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