I'm Back From TETA 2012

          I spent most of my week at TETA, which is a technology conference in Tennessee. I learned so much and enjoyed myself at the same time. We had an amazing speaker Kevin Honeycutt. He really made you want to get out there and do good for our students. One of the sessions I attended was 60 websites in 60 for educators. Here are some of the websites I think my fellow bloggers would love:

  • http://todaysmeet.com/    This website is free! It allows you to have a meeting with anyone that has internet access and your code. 
  • http://www.ted.com/       This website if free! This site has riveting talks by remarkable people
  • http://www.livebinders.com/ Another free site! It acts like an online 3-ring binder. This would be great for classroom information or teachers sharing resources. 
  • http://www.xtranormal.com/  Some features are free. Students or teachers can make animated movies.
  • http://jeopardylabs.com/ No registration and its free. Make your own Jeopardy or use someone elses

       I hope you find something you find helpful! I’ll be posting about free software tomorrow.


Gradebook! Paper or Online?

             I lived through my first overnight experience and the zoo with my niece (3) and my nephew (11 months). We had all kinds of fun, but I need a nap or five naps. So now I have time to blog about my classroom. I used paper grade book my first year of teaching, but after a technology training I feel in love with an online grade book. I have been using an online grade book for the last two years and I plan to continue to use it. I use Jupiter Grades to record grades, track absences/tardies, and record individual notes about each student. There is a free version that works great. You can record grades and attendance for as many different classes as you need. You can print rosters, report cards, progress reports, seating charts, and other reports. The records are accessible from year to year.

          I am wondering if anyone else uses online grade books. If you do what programs or website do you use? I am looking forward to hearing from everyone!


Free Lesson Plans

                     While on one of my favorite websites, (Scholastic) I found that they have added a database of lesson plans. You can search the database by grade, subject, types, and keywords. The lesson plans include descriptions, directions, resources, and assessments. The same website also has a daily starter for language, math, and a fun fact. The daily starter has two views; a teacher view and a student view. The daily starters can also be printed and are updated each day. The site also has free resources for the Smart board. The sites are separated into categories and then they have the age listed under each resource. 



Another Great Resource for Teachers

         Make Your Own 

     There are a lot of great sites to make your own handouts and worksheets. Below are some sites to make and print your own handouts and worksheets for FREE! (Our favorite)

Testing Modification Chart Generator

         I hope these are helpful! Please share below if you have any sites with free printables. 

Great Free Site for Readers

        On this free site you will find the texts of classic works of English literature. Writing from authors like Lewis Carroll,  Jack LondonMark TwainCharles DickensVoltaireand many others. This site is a great resource for any classroom. I hope you find it useful in your classroom. 


A Must See for Reading Street Users!

Click on picture for website! 

    A very dedicated educator has created a fabulous site for Reading Street users. Mrs. Lewis’s site has resources for grades K-6th. The site has great Power Points aligned with each story. The site also has links to Spelling City pages that are aligned with each story. The site also has links to center materials, whole-group materials, small group materials, and many printables. The resources are endless and are from many different teachers. I have used this site many many times for my classroom and it has saved me so much time.



Internet for the Classroom Site

           Another great site for the classroom is Internet 4 the Classroom. The website has resources for grades K-12. The site has lesson plans, interactive websites, test prep, daily dose of internet, and teaching training. The site is free and lists on free websites (which is what we love). The resources are organized by grade, subject, and skill and is very easy to navigate.

            The site also has a great free summer program. Students that have access to the internet can login to the site and practice skills over the summer. The information is the sent to their mentor (the teacher) to keep track of and to use to prepare for the next school year.  I hope you enjoy!



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