Common Core Training Day 3 and Giveaway Help Needed!

        I finished my last day of this week of training. I continue training next week on even more common core information. In the last couple of posts I’ve covered close reading which can be read here and accountable talk which can be read here. Today I’m going to discuss text complexity. 
    Text complexity is basically how challenging the material is for the student at their specific grade level. Students need to read complex text in order to prepare them for college and career. There are three steps to figuring out a text’s complexity. 

  1. Quantitative Measure: Readability score such as Lexile and Flesch Kincade. These programs give you a specific grade level for the text.  I discussed how to turn your Microsoft Office into a Flesch Kincade reader here.  (See image below for the scores for each grade level) 
  2. Qualitative Measure: Levels of meaning, structure, language, conventionality, clarity, and knowledge demands. A rubric to help you place the text into a grade band can be found here for literary and here for information text. 
  3. Reader and Task Considerations: Background knowledge of reader, motivation, interests, and task assigned for the text. Basically, would the student in able to read the text and be interested. Also, does the task you would assign with this text be appropriate for the student? There is a rubric for that too, but they haven’t published it online (or it’s hiding from me online). As soon as I find one I will post. 

    After you go through all three steps you will decided whether or not it is appropriate for your students. Quantitative is important, but not the most important. Sometimes readability is very high, but is more appropriate for a lower grade level. It takes some time to level text based on complexity, but the more you do it the faster it gets. 

Quantitative Measure Table

Common Core Band
Degrees of Reading Power®
The Lexile Framework®
Reading Maturity
2nd – 3rd
2.75 – 5.14
42 – 54
1.98 – 5.34
420 – 820
3.53 – 6.13
0.05 – 2.48
4th – 5th
4.97 – 7.03
52 – 60
4.51 – 7.73
740 – 1010
5.42 – 7.92
0.84 – 5.75
6th – 8th
7.00 – 9.98
57 – 67
6.51 – 10.34
925 – 1185
7.04 – 9.57
4.11 – 10.66
9th – 10th
9.67 – 12.01
62 – 72
8.32 – 12.12
1050 – 1335
8.41 – 10.81
9.02 – 13.93
11th – CCR
11.20 – 14.10
67 – 74
10.34 – 14.2
1185 – 1385
9.57 – 12.00
12.30 – 14.50

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