SRSD Resources and Freebies!

All SRSD Resources on this site can be found here!  

 Below are the resources that were introduced in training today. I will continue to add to this list during the summer and school year. Click on each link to go to the resource. 

SRSD Resources: 

Peer Feedback Resources: 

TN State Resources

Mist Resources

SRSD Websites

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Go here to see other great resources! 


More SRSD Freebies!

       All SRSD Resources on this site can be found here!

        I’ve officially finished my first day presenting as a core coach. I had a great group of teachers with a lot of great ideas on how to use SRSD in the classroom. If you didn’t read my first post on SRSD and want to know what SRSD is please go here and read all about it. I’ve created a few more resources to use in the classroom to go along with SRSD.

I’ve made several TIDE posters to match the POW posters. You can find the POW posters here and the Tide posters here

I’ve also created a few versions of the TIDE graphic organizer. You can find them here
         I’ll be creating many more resources over the summer to share with all the awesome teachers using SRSD. If there is something you would like for me to create, please comment below! 


SRSD Freebie!!!

All SRSD Resources on this site can be found here!

   I am currently preparing for my summer adventure as a TN Core Coach. I always love when I go to in-service and the presenter has resources for me to take back to my classroom. The main subject of the in-services is SRSD. SRSD is Self-Regulated Strategies Development  writing approach. There are six stages in SRSD: 

Stage 1: Activate and Develop Background Knowledge
 Build enthusiasm for genre
 Develop background knowledge (and pre-skills)
 Read and discuss models
 Teach genre vocabulary
Stage 2: Discuss It
 Teach strategy (mnemonics)
 Map out models with graphic organizers
 Review and repair poor models, together then alone
 Establish benefits of strategy use
 Explore when / where to use strategy (generalization)
Stage 3: Model It
 Introduce self-talk
 Introduce focused model think alouds
 Students personalize and record self-statements
 Introduce collaborative writes
 Practice self and peer scoring with scales
 Begin graphing
 Introduce goal setting
Stage 4: Memorize It
 Internalize strategy via mnemonics
 Internalize personalized self-statements
Stage 5: Collaborative Practice
 Continue collaborative writing experiences
 Support students’ strategy use, fading support when ready
 Support self-regulation, fading support when ready
 Provide feedback on writing and self-regulation
 Fade prompting strategy use and self-regulation
Stage 6: Independent Use
 Students use strategies and self-regulate independently
 Fade overt self-instruction to covert (“in your head”)
 Ensure transfer and buy in to strategies and self-regulation

     My first freebie for in-service is the POW posters. POW is mnemonic device to help students structure any kind of writing. This is a great tool for students before they start to write. 

I’ve created 5 posters with the POW mnemonic and  click here to get them! 
   I am also starting a Pinterest board for SRSD that you can find here. I’ll be adding resources as I find them. If you have resources please comment below. 


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