Snap Shot Saturday!

I am joining Miss Nelson for Saturday Snapshots. 
We are having a yard sell. We already made 130.00….Yay, I need a new vacuum! 
PVC Easel. Simple and portable. It also folds flat for easy storage! Just what I need for my classroom :)
I found this on Pinterest and so want to make it! Click here to get the tutorial
I found this idea on Teaching Ever After! I’ve always made my copies for 9 weeks at a time, but I never thought of doing it with a monthly filing system. 
To see what other teachers are up to head over to Run! Miss Nelson’s Got the Camera
I’m also looking for bloggers to link up here. I’ll be sharing this next week when I present at the TETA conference. I would like to provide all these great teachers from across TN with awesome blogs to check out. 


Saturday Snapshot!

   I’m joining Run Miss Nelsons Got the Camera for Saturday Snapshots. This past week was my last week facilitating as a TN Core Coach. I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing all the great success stories from the teachers at our next training in September. I also worked in my classroom on Friday with my wonderful husband. He wins husband of the year, because not only did he spend his entire day off in classroom, but he spent it in a very, very hot classroom. 
This is a hot mess! I had been hiding these in my closet, but decided to bring them into the light! 
I’ve transformed them and will post all about it on Monday! 

I’m heart broken this year, because I had to give away my tables and use desks instead. 
My class sizes are going to be much bigger this year and I couldn’t fit two more tables to accommodate them. I haven’t had desks in years:( 
<img alt="4700 Series Collaborative Learning Desk
I would love, love to have these desks! They are so great for cooperative learning. 
If I did this with my current desks, kids would be trapped inside their desk! 
So if any ones would like to buy these for Christmas for me, I would be every so grateful! 

Here’s another picture of my mess! 

Here is one of the wonderful things my hubby did. He organized my monster mess of wires. 
Look how pretty it looks now! Now I just need the blue container to match my computer desk! 
   Go check out some more snapshots from teachers over at Run Mrs. Nelsons Got the Camera


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