Sailing Into Summer Organization Tips

            I have joined some amazing bloggers for a Sailing into Summer Blog Hop. On each blog you will find tips and ideas to help you prepare for summer and the upcoming year. After checking out my tips below follow the links to check out the other tips and tricks.

         I’m meeting with a few of my teaching friends to plan for the upcoming year in just a few days. To help us create our yearly plan I created a weekly template to use. The template has weeks 1-34 and can be edited to fit your classroom needs.

            You can grab a Word document of my yearly planning template here. I know it seems crazy to start planning for August in May, but usually I plan 6 weeks at a time, so it is not so time consuming and mind boggling. This helps me make sure I’m going to teach all the skills needed within the time needed. Of course these plans aren’t written in stone, but they really help me during the year stay on track. I’m always interested in seeing how other plans, let me know how you plan below in the comments.


I'm Going Deskless!!!

I am so so excited, I have convinced my principal to allow me to get rid  of my teacher desk. I never sat at the desk and it took up to much room. So I bet everyone is wondering how in the world. Well, I’ll tell you what I am doing with my stuff that use to be in my desk.

The items that I do not use on a daily basis are now hanging on the back of my closet door. Items like awards, stickers, ziplock bags, etc. I labeled each pocket so I could find the items quickly!
The items I use on a daily basis are in these lovely organizer. I found it for $5.00 at Walmart in the home repair area. I am going to take pretty card stock and decorate to match the colors of my room. I’ll post about that process when I start it.
I am looking forward to starting the new year in August without my desk. I plan to use the extra space to enlarge the library area. How many of my blog friends are deskless? How many are planning are to go deskless?

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