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I have made a new friend in the teacher blogger world and I would love for you to meet him. Luke is the author and creator of Students of History. The site is called Students of History, and it has full lesson plans for every day of the year plus tons of engaging activities for World History, US History, and Civics.

And yes, literally every lesson throughout the whole year is done for you. They’re based on state standards, but (best of all) simple and easy to follow. They have links to educational videos that students will enjoy plus they’re not all the same, traditional kind of lesson. There’s interactive notebook pages, digital Google activities, PBL projects, and more.

You can have your entire year planned out all at your fingertips ready to go from day one of the school year. Hundreds of teachers have used these resources successfully in their classrooms, and all give the site fantastic reviews. You will not be let down with the quality of the content, and the number of engaging lessons there are for your kids.

The materials are also easily adaptable for higher or lower level classes. No matter if you teach 7th graders or 11th-grade high school students that struggle, these materials can be right for you. Teachers have used them in ELL and special ed classrooms successfully and to rave reviews.

For American History, there are over 150 lesson plans to cover exploration of the Americas and American Indian groups through to modern America, 9/11, Middle East conflict, and the most up-to-date state standards. There are almost 200 lessons available for World History. The World curriculum starts with prehistory and goes all the way to the modern world. 

Finally, there’s also a Civics and American Government curriculum with almost 100 lessons on American government all based on Common Core and state standards. You won’t find a more engaging Civics and government curriculum available anywhere. The lessons are hands-on, engaging, and relevant to the modern political world.

Go check him out and let him know I sent you!


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