Library Labels Part Two (Freebie)

          Okay friends I am back with the more labels for our libraries! We had Science Fair today, so students were available to help out with the organizing of the library. Some of my more organized students helped me identify the genre and reading level of the books in my library. We used the Scholastic Book Wizard to help find the information on each of the books. It is easy and free to use.

         On to the labels, I have created some more labels for the library and you can find them here for free! Please let me know if you need a specific genre. I would love to make them for you.

           This is what my library looks like now:

          It looks pretty, but students randomly look for books. My plan is to have all books organized by genre and the color-coded for levels. This is on my to-do list for the summer. I would love to see others libraries, share your links to your pictures in the comments so I can come look. Thank you!


Library Make Over and Free Genre Labels

        For the last three years I have wanted to make over my classroom library, but something always gets in my way. I still have eight days of school left, but I have decided to go ahead and start on my make over efforts. In order to start the make over I have created some really cute labels (at least I think so) for my baskets. I have one set created and will be sharing more of the sets as I create them. Click on the picture below to get the labels for the following genres: sports, biographies, poetry, dictionary, realistic fiction, science fiction, humor, and adventure.

*When you look at the labels in Google docs it looks like they are off, but when you download them they are fine!*

            I hope they are helpful and you enjoy!


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