Word Bag Words Information and Multi-Meaning Freebie

         Over the past year, I have received several e-mails asking about my word bag I mention in my choice boards. Each student in my classroom has a plastic bag full of academic words. Each card has the definition on the back and the word on the front that is student written. Students add three to four new words a week. Each Friday they take a matching test with a random twenty words from the bag. They do not know which words it will be. This way they study all the words each week. By the end of the school year, students will have over 200 words in During the week we use the word bag in centers for word bag buddies where they quiz each other on being able to read the words, the definitions, and giving an example. The main reason I have the word bag is students were coming to me not knowing how to read the word “noun” or be able to tell me what the word meant. If they do not have the basic understanding, they will struggle with the skill.

          Now for my newest creation. Vocabulary is where my students struggle. Especially with multi-meaning words. I’ve created some dominoes sets of multi-meaning words. Students match the definition to the word in a sentence. Students will have to think about how the word is being used before they can match the word. If you would like to grab the free set go here.


Vocabulary Cubes and Freebie

  I’ve been using vocabulary dominoes in my classroom for years, but this year I have put a spin on it. The vocabulary cube has either a word, definition or example on two to three sides of the domino. Students have to match all three sides of each domino to make the cube. You can grab one of my sets here for free!  The set I have for free is Parts of Speech Cube 1. I also have Parts of Speech Cube 2, Figurative Language, and Sound Devices. I am working to add more as I add more to my classroom collection. Be sure to laminate your set so you can use them over and over. The students really like them, and I can see a difference in their performance. Let me know how the lesson unfolds in your classroom.


Locker Assignments Freebies and 150 Follower Giveaway

              Our students have their own lockers in grades 3rd-8th at our school. Which means we have a lot of lockers. To keep track of each student and their locker number I use a tracking sheet you can find here. We also give each student a locker slip on open house and in their information packet for the year. The slip I use can be found here. Since we have so many lockers I like to make it easier for students to find their lockers at the beginning of the year. I go to the Dollar Tree and get the cute little die-cuts and write the name of each student on it and then stick it to their locker.You could also cut out your own die-cuts. Most students leave them on their lockers all year long. 

The die-cute packs are 1.00 for thirty. 

    Another note on lockers, after I have put all the students names in their books I put them in their lockers. Then I don’t have to hand them out during class. If you haven’t entered my Giveaway go here. Lots of great prizes! 


Vocabulary Instruction Research and a Freebie!

       I have been reading quite a bit lately on vocabulary instruction and the connection to student learning. I have found a lot of interesting research and wanted to share a few tips researchers have published. Researchers suggest teachers do the following in order to make vocabulary instruction meaningful for students learning:

  • Providing multiple opportunities to use words
  • Relating unfamiliar words to familiar words 
  • Presenting words within a meaningful context or theme 
  • Providing explicit definitions of words 
  • Scaffolding children’s language through meaningful feedback
        Teachers should also think about what type of questions they are asking their students. Using a variety of opened ended questions allow the students to have meaningful conversation, which will then improve a students vocabulary. Here are a list of question prompts: 
  • Can you tell me more about…?
  • Explain why….; Describe what….
  • I wonder why…?
  • Can you tell me why you think or feel that way?
  • What else can you say about …?
      Now for a freebie, I have been working on adding resources to my Teachers Pay Teachers account. I have created a Vocabulary Match Set on genre that you can get here.

Thank you for stopping by and make sure you have entered my giveaway by clicking here to go to the page to enter. 


My First Set of Sequence Cards (Free of course)

       I have been quite busy today preparing for small groups and lessons for when we return from break. Our students take the DEA testing each September, December, and March. I found that my students need more practice in the area of sequencing. Therefore I am creating hands on practice. You can get my first set for free by clicking here. If you download and use my sequence set please leave me feedback on TPT.

Thank you for stopping by.


Analogy Task Cards (Free Set)

    I know this sounds crazy, but I love to teach analogies. So I have been creating sets of analogy task cards. I’ve used them in my classroom a few different ways. Such as:

  • Walk About: I tape each task card to a different area in the classroom. I then split the class into pairs. Each pair spends one minute at each task card. On their sheet of paper they write the answer and then write why they believe it is the answer. After each group has gone to each task card, students then take turns reading and explaining each task card. 
  • Centers: I have used these task cards in both a teacher led or student center. Students are required to answer and to explain why they answer what on each card.
  • Independent work: I have also used these cards for my early finishers. 
           To get a free set of my analogy task cards click here! Please leave feedback if you download and find them useful. Thank you! 


More Free Hand signal Sets!

          I’ve made it! I just finished my first full week of school. I really need to take pictures of my room, but I keep forgetting. I hope to remember and get them posted for everyone some time next week. I’ve had a few requests for different types of designs of the hand signals I use in my classroom. I plan on making a few more, but here are a few until then. I purchased the frames from the Lesson Cloud blog. I hope you enjoy them!

Click the picture to get the freebie! 
Click the picture to get the freebie! 



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