Valentine Find and Count Printable

A great way for your little one to practice counting and find similar objects is with Find and Count. This fun printable is perfect for Valentines Day! 

Easter Find and Count Printable
St. Patrick’s Day Find and Count Printable
St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Counting Practice
Valentine Find and Count Printable
Halloween Tracing Practice
Halloween Cutting Skills Practice
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Halloween Cutting Skills Practice

Learning to cut with scissors helps a child learn to do so much more than just cut! It helps build hand strength by opening and closing the scissors. The small muscles in their hands are important and help our little ones draw, brush their teeth, get dressed, and use cutlery.  


For Halloween, download, and print these adorable scissor practice sheets. You can print in color or black and white. 


Pre-Factoring Practice (Free Download)

     This worksheet builds factoring skills by having students practice finding two numbers that would produce a certain product and a certain sum.  Teachers who have used the worksheets say they have made a difference in students’ confidence and competence with factoring. I will make more of these if you let me know you’d like more in the comments below. (Update: I’ve created more and you can find them here.)

Free pre-factoring practice sheet
Click here to download! 


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February 2018 Computer Desktop

It is a new month and time for a new background for your computer’s desktop. I have created several designs for my readers to choose from below. Click on the picture to download your free  February desktop organizer!

Be sure to come back in March for your new desktop organizer!


Race Strategy for Better Open-Ended Question Answers

race strategy examples pdf

Answering open-ended response questions is an important task and often difficult for students.  To help my students answer open-ended questions we use the RACE strategy. 

Steps to the RACE Strategy: 

  • First students restate the question,
  • Then answer the question, 
  • Next, find evidence from the text to support their answer, 
  • Lastly, they explain how the evidence supports their response. 

I have seen such significant growth since we began using the RACE strategy. 

You can download a free copy of the RACE Strategy posters with examples to use in your classroom or home by clicking here or on the picture. The posters have an example of each step and a completed response using the RACE Strategy. 

The posters are color-coded to help students see each step. To help students who are struggling still, I will suggest they highlight each section. That usually helps them to see they are missing something. 
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below! 

teaching race strategy

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Fluency Assessment Practice and Additional TN 2nd Grade Assessment Resources

In Tennessee, the second grade assessment will include a fluency section aligned to Tennessee standard 2.RF.4.a: (RF) Reading Foundational Skills.  To help 2nd grade teachers, I have created several practice assessments as well as shared some much-needed information below.

Practice: Click here or on the picture to download the practice fluency set.

Read aloud directions for teachers:  “Here are 20 sentences. Read each sentence and ask yourself: Is this sentence true? Mark YES or NO to answer the question for each sentence. Do not start until I say “Go.” Do as many as you can before I say “Stop.”

Testing Format for TN 2nd Grade Fluency Section Assessment: Students will have a set of twenty sentences in their test booklets, varying in length from four to eight words (four each with four, five, six, seven, and eight words per sentence). Each sentence includes words that are at or below the second grade reading level. Each sentence is structured to present a statement that is easily recognizable as true or not true. Students will have one minute to read the sentences and mark YES or NO as directed

Additional TN 2nd Grade Assessment Resources: 

Thank you for reading. Please comment below if you have any questions or need additional resources.


Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Freebie

  It’s that time of year when we start thinking about reviewing for our yearly testing. Instead of mind-numbing practice tests, I have been working on activities to review when the snow finally melts, and we go back. Subject-verb agreement is a skill students need lots of review.

Subject-Verb Agreement Practice

               I’ve created 30 sentence strips that have a sentence with either correct or incorrect subject-verb agreement.

Subject-Verb Agreement Practice
I will cut each sentence out and then laminate them. After that, I will attach a magnet to each strip. I’m lucky, and I have a magnetic whiteboard in my classroom. I’ve listed below how I’m going to use them in my room, but you can use them in many different ways.

Correct or Incorrect Activity: 

  1. Review subject-verb agreement and review a few examples
  2. Make a t-chart on the board with a correct and incorrect section.
  3. Give each student, at least, one sentence strip. 
  4. Give students two minutes to attach their sentence to the correct part of the t-chart.
  5. Discuss the sentences in the correct section of the t-chart. 
  6. Split the class into groups. 
  7. Then give the groups about five minutes to correct the incorrect sentences. 
  8. Then ask groups to share how and why they fixed the sentence. 

      Hope everyone can find a use for these subject-verb agreement sentence strips. Click here to download them.  I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to subject-verb agreement resources. Check out the board here. Since I’m snowed in, I’ll be working on more activities and sharing them. 


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