Back to School Cutting Practice for Fine Motor Skill Development (Free Downloads)

Learning to cut with scissors helps a child learn to do so much more than just cut! It helps build hand strength by opening and closing the scissors which in turn helps children build their fine motor skills. The small muscles in their hands are important and help our little ones draw, brush their teeth, get dressed, and use cutlery. There are also high chances of 4/5 year old who uses scissors to have nice and legible handwriting. Cutting and writing use the same skills, and practice makes better.

When shopping for scissors try to match the size of the scissors as close to your child’s hand size as possible. Pick scissors with a blunt point, but that are sharp enough to cut and not just fold the paper.

Before your little one starts learning to use scissors have the safety talk and purpose of scissors talk. I suggest doing a review each time before you give them scissors to practice or craft. It will seem like too much, but they need lots of reminding before they remember safety and purpose of scissors. 

For the Back to School, download, and print these adorable scissor practice sheets. You can print in color or black and white. Scroll to the bottom of the post to download more free activities for your child or classroom.


scissor practice for preschool


Preschool worksheets
Preschool Worksheets
Preschool Worksheets

                                                                      More Fine Motor Skill Activities


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