No Air For You!

              Our school has no air for the summer now that we are trying to conserve energy. The no air makes working in your room crazy hot.

See my high-tech cooling system!
        My whole purpose for going to work in my classroom was to cover more of my tables in contact paper. I got this idea from an awesome blog Ladybugs Teacher’s Files. She puts contact paper on her table every year. I love her room so much. I actually have room envy. This is my first year of putting the contact paper on my tables. 
This is the before! 
Supplies that I used: Contact paper, scissors, black electric tape, and a thumb tack
This is what happens when you rush! 
Things that I learned: 
  • What ever you do, take your time. (Or you end up with the above picture)
  • Do small sections. I chose a speckled contact paper and you could not see the seems. 
  • Use a thumb tack to pop any air bubbles.
  • Don’t worry to much about the sides of the table because you cover the side with electric tape.
The after! It looks so much better. 
Another table I covered today! 
          I have a few more tables to cover. I hope to be done soon. It is making such a difference in the look of the room. A few of my teaching buddies stopped by and said when I was done their tables were waiting. However, I do not have that much patience. 



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