Classroom Tour

   I have pictures to share with everyone of my finished room! (Yay)

Front door of my classroom. The adorable Red Devil wreath was given to me by an awesome parent! 
View from the back door! 

Small group and guided reading table!
This is my computer charging station and supplies for the dry erase board! 

Accountable talk bubbles, Exit Ticket, and the Comfy chair! 

Our class library! 

Pick Me Sticks, Exit Tickets, and Student Index Cards

View from the front door!

My standards. I found that neat pointer, it spins and I’m not sure what to do with it yet. 

Student supply table! 

Teacher area! 

Another view from the back door! 

Another view from the front door. 
I hope you enjoyed your tour….if you have a tour of your classroom I would love to see it. Comment below with a link. 
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Swimming into Second
I am also joining Swimming into Second for Show Off Your Space Linky. Go check out all the awesome classrooms! 

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Working in My Room and Giveaway!

      I found a great deal at Walmart last night on zebra valances. I found the valances for 4.74 a piece. They have other colors and styles as well. 

Sorry for the cell phone picture, but they still look good! 
      I also recovered my crate seats. They have been zebra and white with stars, but they start to look dingy after a while. So my theme is zebra and pink, so I decided to do pink crates this year. Here are a few of them. 
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Room Progress Pictures Part 2 and Still Needing Help!

       I went in and worked in my classroom again today. I have furniture in my room, but I still have a big mess. A lot of my teacher friends were there so I spent a little too much time socializing. Here are some pictures of the progress.

  Tomorrow I have to get a crown put on a tooth and another one prepped for a crown, so I’m not sure if I’m going in to work in my room. If not, I’ll be back at work on Thursday.

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Room Progress Pictures and Help Needed!

    So I’ve been working in my classroom to get in ready for school to start on August 7th. Here are some pictures of the before I started to work. It looks so big without any furniture!

Around my teaching supplies area. 

My world wall, leveled readers, and Rhino the Guinea Pig! 

        I’m going to work tomorrow and will take pictures of what it looks like! I’m still looking for help with a giveaway. If you are interested fill out the form below.

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There Is No Place Like Home….AKA My Classroom


    For International Blog Day I am joining Mrs. Parker’s linky party showing our classroom. One of my favorite things to do online is look at pictures and videos of teacher’s classrooms. I do not think there is a You Tube video of a classroom tour I have not seen. So here are pictures of my classroom this past year. I will be changing a lot since I have a new theme and more students. I will plan to have them posted by the fourth week of July (That’s my goal). Here we go….

This is the view as you enter the room. My students are in groups all year, until TCAPS. 
This is our class library. I made those crate seats and the students love them. Since I teach 5th and 6th grade I had to go back and reinforce the seats. 
Here are our class computers, leveled readers, and our word wall. I painted the entire back wall with chalk board paint. It works great and erases great. 
This is were I meet with my small groups! 
This is the view from the back window! 
 Now I’m going to head back over to Mrs. Parker’s site and blog hop! Hope you join us. Also be sure and go enter my giveaway by clicking here

Class Pictures

Small group area
The back of the room & word wall. 
The class library! 
The view from the front door.

View from the back of the room.

Student supplies and menu folders
View of the front of the room.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the room! I will be posting about my bulletin boards in the next few days. 


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