Planning for Next Year! Freebies

    I am already planning for next year. I hoping to get a really big start on the beginning of the year. August is always so crazy. I made few items and thought I would share them with everyone. Click on each picture below to download the item.

Analogy Relationships handout or poster! 
Analogy Tips for Students
5th Grade TN SPI Checklist. 
 6th Grade TN SPI Checklist. 
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! 


Analogy Task Cards (Free Set)

    I know this sounds crazy, but I love to teach analogies. So I have been creating sets of analogy task cards. I’ve used them in my classroom a few different ways. Such as:

  • Walk About: I tape each task card to a different area in the classroom. I then split the class into pairs. Each pair spends one minute at each task card. On their sheet of paper they write the answer and then write why they believe it is the answer. After each group has gone to each task card, students then take turns reading and explaining each task card. 
  • Centers: I have used these task cards in both a teacher led or student center. Students are required to answer and to explain why they answer what on each card.
  • Independent work: I have also used these cards for my early finishers. 
           To get a free set of my analogy task cards click here! Please leave feedback if you download and find them useful. Thank you! 


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