Accountable Talk Speech Bubble for Using Text Evidence

Accountable Talk Speech Bubble for Using Text Evidence
     A few months ago I blogged about my accountable talk bubbles. You can read about them here. I first printed the accountable talk bubbles in various colors. To keep my awesome zebra theme going, I created new accountable talk bubbles in zebra. I also created two other designs for non-zebra loving. Each set is free for my readers!
text evidence
  • Post in the classroom for
    • close reads
    • expository writing helpers
    • partner work discussion
    • partner feedback

Accountable Talk Bubbles


Accountable Talk speech bubbles pdf

 We have been working on accountable talk in our classroom. To help the students remember their accountable talk during a discussion I have posted the prompts around our board. They have moved throughout the classroom each year but students still use them. You can head here to download a free set that fits your classroom theme. 

                I can really see a difference during discussions, and the kids seem more confident when they discuss the text.


Common Core Training Day 2

      I survived a second day of Common Core training. We learned so much today, I think my head may explode. Our first topic of the day was Accountable Talk. Accountable Talk is talk that seriously responds to and further develops what others in the group have said. Students engaged in Accountable talk follow the following indicators: 

  • Students actively participate in classroom talk
  • Students listen attentively
  • Students elaborating and building on each other’s ideas
  • Students work to clarify or expand a proposition
  • Students support their ideas with evidence from the text

    A lesson with Accountable Talk would start with a close reading of a text. Then the teacher will pose a problem or question about the text. The students will then take over the conversation. The teacher would not share her opinion on the subject, they would only help continue the conversation by using Accountable Talk stems such as:

  • Could you clarify your statement…?
  • I do not understand, could you tell me more about…
  • My evidence is…
  • On page__, it says…
  • I can connect this to…
  • I want to add to…
  • I want to build upon…
  • I would like to tie into what______just said…
  • I want to respectfully disagree with_______…
  • I agree with______…
    I found an excellent video with an example of Accountable Talk in an 2nd grade classroom. The only thing I would have changed would be for each child to have a hard copy of the text to use during the discussion. The video has two minute intro before you see the classroom example.

      I hope this information is helpful. We covered other topics, but I thought it was way too much information for one blog entry. I have one more day of training this week, so I’ll be back tomorrow with more information.


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