More Songs For The Classroom

            I use songs in my classroom to teach students as well as to motivate students. Below are some great parody songs that my students enjoy and know all the words to.

Teach Me How To Study 

Motivational Song

Scholar Ladies (Get An A On It)
I hope you enjoy! If you have any videos you enjoy, please share! 

Great Song to Teach Elements of Literature

My students enjoy music and learn the lyrics to many different songs. While searching Youtube for a while, I found the song below. The lyrics are very catchy, and students eat it up. They now know their elements of literature, as well as examples of each.



Welcome New Bloggers via Teaching Blog Addicts

     The blog Teaching Blog Addicts has provided a great opportunity for new bloggers like myself. 

        “For the veterans and blog-stalkers alike, check out these newbies and show them some love! Leave a comment or follow if you wish. Remember what it felt like to get your first comment?” Teaching Blog Addicts

          I am looking forward to seeing all the other new bloggers out there. I have learned so much in the last couple of weeks and are looking forward to learning more. 


Take a Look At My Pinterest!

         I came across the pinterest website over Christmas break. I now have the pin it button on my search engine, the app on my IPhone and Ipad. I would now say that I am addicted. I have found so many ideas on this website for my classroom. I want to provide the links to boards that I am updating on a daily basis’.

Free Printable
Classroom Ideas
Writing Ideas
Anchor Charts
Hope you find these helpful! If you have any boards you would like to share, I would enjoy exploring them. 

It's Time To Link Up About Newsletters

           I have enjoyed the linking that has been going on in teacher blog land. As I was typing my  newsletters for my kiddos I thought I would love to see what other teachers newsletters look like.

Linking Directions: 
    1.  Right click and save the button above to put in your post.
    2. Tell us about your newsletter or better yet show us your newsletter.
    3. Come back to my blog and link up.
    Visit the other links to see other’s newsletters.
Click on the link to download example newsletter.
          I am super excited to see everyone’s newsletters. 



I'll Show You Mine!

         While blog hoping this afternoon I came across Mrs. Bainbridge’s blog. She is sharing her lesson plans with everyone and has encouraged others to share as well. I am a check list kind of gal, so my lesson plans follow that layout. I also print my lesson plans and keep them in a three ringer binder, as well as turn them into the office each Monday. Take a look at my plans:

Click on picture to see lesson plans! 

        Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Link Up for a Day In My Shoes!

It’s been so fun to read about everyone’s daily schedules! So I thought I would link up with Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher to tell you what my typical day looks like 

5:30 Get up and get ready for school

6:20 Leave the house for school

6:40 Arrive at school and prepare for before school tutoring

6:55 Go get before school students from the gym and begin tutoring

7:45 Dismiss before school students and welcome homeroom students to class for roll and announcements

7:55 Dismiss homeroom for 1st period of 6th grade reading/spelling

9:25 Dismiss 1st period 

9:30 Welcome 2nd period of 6th grade reading/spelling

10:30 Take 2nd period to P.E or Life Skills

11:00 Welcome 2nd period back

11:25 Dismiss 2nd period

11:30 Welcome 3rd period of 5th grade reading/spelling

12:00 Take 3rd period to lunch

12:30 Welcome 3rd period back from lunch

1:25 Dismiss 3rd period

1:30 Welcome 4th period of 5th grade reading/spelling

2:55 Dismiss 4th period to snack and lockers

2:55-3:15 Work with late bus riders on homework 

3:15-4:30 Work as volunteer after school tutor

4:30-5:30 Get classroom ready for next day

5:30 Head to the house (well this is the time I aim for, but it does not always happen) (Especially when I have parent involvement meetings, ball game duty, or other activities to do or prepare for)

*I also have thirty minutes of computer lab time for each class period, each week. 1st period goes on Monday, 2nd period goes on Tuesday and so on. 2nd period has library on Mondays too, so we lose thirty minutes of class time. 



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