Library Labels Part Two (Freebie)

          Okay friends I am back with the more labels for our libraries! We had Science Fair today, so students were available to help out with the organizing of the library. Some of my more organized students helped me identify the genre and reading level of the books in my library. We used the Scholastic Book Wizard to help find the information on each of the books. It is easy and free to use.

         On to the labels, I have created some more labels for the library and you can find them here for free! Please let me know if you need a specific genre. I would love to make them for you.

           This is what my library looks like now:

          It looks pretty, but students randomly look for books. My plan is to have all books organized by genre and the color-coded for levels. This is on my to-do list for the summer. I would love to see others libraries, share your links to your pictures in the comments so I can come look. Thank you!


Library Make Over and Free Genre Labels

        For the last three years I have wanted to make over my classroom library, but something always gets in my way. I still have eight days of school left, but I have decided to go ahead and start on my make over efforts. In order to start the make over I have created some really cute labels (at least I think so) for my baskets. I have one set created and will be sharing more of the sets as I create them. Click on the picture below to get the labels for the following genres: sports, biographies, poetry, dictionary, realistic fiction, science fiction, humor, and adventure.

*When you look at the labels in Google docs it looks like they are off, but when you download them they are fine!*

            I hope they are helpful and you enjoy!


Summer Bucket List Linky Party!!

8 days until summer vacation starts! I am joining April, & Teri on their linking party!  Do you have a bucket list?? Here are some fun things I’m planning on doing this summer!

1. I am going to organize my classroom library! Genre labels and the whole nine yards! Like this one

2. I am going attend in-services on Common Core and technology.
3. I am going to organize my home office. 
4. I am going to be learning my new literature book and create materials to go along with the series. 
5. I am going to go to the beach with my family. 


The Winner Is…….

                       My first blog giveaway was a success! I have two $10.00 gift cards for the Teachers Pay Teachers website for two lucky bloggers. Congrats to the following friends! I will be sending you the gift cards via email within the day.

Lori Rosenberg (24)

Rachel (35)


My Take On Homework with a Freebie and Don't Forget the Giveaway!


        I have seen quite a few posts on homework, so I thought I would add my two cents. I assign homework Monday-Thursday. Each night I send home a short passage with three to four questions. The students must read the story, answer the questions, and then find proof or give a reason as to why and how they answered each question. Each class period enters the room and has their homework out on their desk when the bell rings (in my perfect world). If a student does not have their homework they fill out an excuse slip (click here to get my slips). They are not allowed to come up to me and tell me why they do not have it. This saves class time and prevents an argument. The student then gets a copy from the homework bin and checks the homework with us as a class. I keep all of the homework slips as well as record the slips for the students homework grade. The slips are good to have when a student or parent has a question about missing homework assignments.  Each missing assignments is three points deducted from their homework grade. Also, students that complete all of their homework for the six weeks receive a comfy chair pass. The comfy chair pass is for a cute purple chair that all of the students love sitting in. They earn the right to sit in the chair for the entire class. I would love to hear about how you do homework in your classrooms!

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My First Ever Giveaway!


         I started blogging on my Christmas break this year and I have enjoyed every moment. I am up to 48 followers and I am tickled pink. So I am going to do my first ever giveaway. I will be giving away two ten dollar gift cards for the Teachers Pay Teachers website. You can earn an entry for each of the following actions:

    The contest will end on Wednesday, May 2nd at 9:00 p.m. eastern time and I will post the winners soon after. Good luck to all!

I Have News and A New Design!

           Blog friends, I have a new design for my blog. Barb over at Ruby Slippers Blog Designs has created great new design for my blog. I am looking forward to hearing about what everyone thinks about her great work. I have also joined the Facebook bandwagon for my blog. You can now find Oodles of Teaching fun at our new Facebook page.


         We will begin our TCAP tests on Monday and we will finish up on Friday. We have worked so hard this year. I know my students are ready to show everyone how much they have grown this year. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


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