States of Matter Resources, Activities, and Handouts

Are you looking for resources to teach or review states of matter with your science students? This blog post is chock-full of resources to help any teacher or homeschool parent.The first resource is a vocabulary handout for students or you could print it as a poster for display.states of matter worksheet grade 3The next resource could be used in different ways while studying states of matter.First, your students could use this as a note catcher as the teacher leads a discussion on solid, liquid, gas or as students read a chapter on states of matterOr the teacher could use this as an exit ticket for the end of a lesson to see what students know and where they need assistance during future lessons.states of matter worksheet grade 3Understanding that some changes in the state of matter are reversible and others are irreversible is an important fact to understand. This resource gives students the opportunity to identify whether an action is reversible or not. Take it a step further and ask the students to share with their group why something is or is not reversible.states of matter worksheet grade 3The last activity is a hands-on learning activity where students sort the items in liquids, solids, and gases. The set comes with three headings so students have a way to see how they are visually sorted.states of matter worksheet grade 3states of matter worksheet grade 3

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States of Matter A-Z Edition

Are you looking for a way to have your students or kids think about the state of matter and name items they come in contact with every day for each letter of the alphabet that is either a liquid, gas, or solid? 


You can add some competition by splitting up your students into groups or having students compete individually to see who can think of the most liquids, gases, and solids. Or you can see who can think of the most unique gas, liquid, or solid.
3 states of matter for kids

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