St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Counting Practice

Use this fun shamrock counting sheet to practice counting 1-10! Save paper by printing and using dry erase pouches, so you can use them again next year.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Counting Practice

Click on the image to download the counting practice sheet for free!


Fractional Probability Practice (Free Downloads)

fractional probability practice worksheet

Probability is the number that describes the chance that a particular event will occur. Probability can be expressed in many different ways, including as a fraction. The primary reason for teaching probability is to provide students with understanding and to develop their critical thinking about the role of probability in their lives and in mathematics. Below you’ll find two fractional probability practice sheets to use in your classroom or at home with students. 

Fractional Probability Practice
Fractional Probability Practice

Snow Day Pictograph Practice

Snow days are super exciting for teachers and students alike! So what better than practice interpreting data using snowball-making data! This is another free download for my amazing readers! If you are looking for something specific, let me know in the comments.

Pictograph Practice free download

Elapsed Time Practice and Telling Time Game (Free downloads)

  I hope this post finds you well. I reached out to my followers on Facebook about what their current needs are, and elapsed time and time resources were one of the requested resources. Click on the images below to download each resource. If you need a specific type of resource, please comment below.

Free Elapsed Time Printable Practice
Telling Time I Have Who Has


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