Laptop Charging Station for the Classroom!

DIY Charging Station for the classroom
The charging station for the class laptops was quick and easy to put together. Each computer, power cord, and tray have matching washi tape. The charging station lets students know exactly where to put each laptop and which power cord goes to which laptop. This fix made the laptop mess in the classroom much neater and more manageable for students.

I'm Going Deskless!!!

I am so so excited, I have convinced my principal to allow me to get rid  of my teacher desk. I never sat at the desk and it took up to much room. So I bet everyone is wondering how in the world. Well, I’ll tell you what I am doing with my stuff that use to be in my desk.

The items that I do not use on a daily basis are now hanging on the back of my closet door. Items like awards, stickers, ziplock bags, etc. I labeled each pocket so I could find the items quickly!
The items I use on a daily basis are in these lovely organizer. I found it for $5.00 at Walmart in the home repair area. I am going to take pretty card stock and decorate to match the colors of my room. I’ll post about that process when I start it.
I am looking forward to starting the new year in August without my desk. I plan to use the extra space to enlarge the library area. How many of my blog friends are deskless? How many are planning are to go deskless?

Leveled Readers Organization and Storage for Teachers

How do you organize leveled readers in the classroom?

Are you looking for a way to organize your leveled or decodable readers? I teach 5th and 6th grade reading with over 90 students. So that means a lot of leveled readers are needed to meet all the needs.
I organize all the readers into baskets. Each basket for each unit is arranged by the week. I further organize them by color. 
  • Green for below basic 
  • Yellow for on-level
  • Blue for advance 
The yellow word strip marks the spot for books I have out, so I can quickly put them away at the end of the week. This method makes it easier to keep all the books organized and in order.
How do you organize leveled readers in the classroom?
How do you organize leveled readers in the classroom?


Students never get their books from the baskets. Students get their leveled reader and activities from the pocket chart. The pocket chart is labeled with their grade and color. The first column is for their books, the second column is for blank activities, and the third column is for their completed work.

How do you organize leveled readers in the classroom?

How do you organize leveled readers in the classroom?


Please let me know if you have any questions about my leveled reader system or if you have suggestions.

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