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Top 5 Must-Have Items for a 1st Year Teacher

It is hard to determine what materials you will and won't need as you start out as a first year teacher. If you know what grade level and subject you'll be teaching, it will be much easier. This post is full of items you'll need at any grade level! 

1. Pens for notes and grading. The best that I have found are the Flair Pens.

2. The perfect lesson and event planner for your classroom. I am a big fan of the Erin Condren's planner. She was a classroom teacher and knows what teachers are looking for, plus they have so many options to personalize the planner. 

3. Grading stamps can save so much time and save those of us with horrible handwriting! Amazon has several stamp options, but I really like the option where I can check how the assignment was completed. 

4. Dry erase pockets come in so handy when you have limited copies in your building or if you want to keep copies from year to year. Amazon has a great set that comes with erasers! 

5. Fadeless Bulletin paper is so worth buying. I bought black fadeless paper my first year teaching and hung it on a bulletin board that faced a large window. I didn't have to replace the paper for five years and the only reason I replaced it was because I was moving classrooms. 

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