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Which Dolch words are Decodable?

Many words on the Dolch lists can be decoded by learning their spelling pattern. Other words on the Dolch lists are irregular, and you will need to teach these words as tricky words or words that do not follow the rules! 
The lists below share the words in kindergarten that can be decoded by spelling patterns traditionally taught in kindergarten and the words that are taught as tricky/rule breakers in kindergarten. Following the kindergarten list shared will have your student or child reading 109 of the 220 Dolch words by the end of kindergarten. 
The second set of lists is the words that can be decoded by spelling patterns, traditionally taught in first grade, and the words taught at tricky/rule breakers in first grade. Following the kindergarten and 1st grade list will have all of the Dolch words mastered by the end of first grade. 
Please comment below if you are interested in this same resource for Fry word lists. 
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