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Successful Student Notes (Free Download)

positive notes home to parents



A great way to show your students support and recognize good behavior is to send home positive notes to their parents/guardians. But doing this can sometimes be forgotten with all of the other tasks we have to complete daily.  

Here are a few tips to help you remember and get those positive notes out: 

  • At the beginning of the grading period, put each student’s name on one note and go ahead and sign it, but do not fill out the behavior. 
    • This way, you won’t miss giving one out to anyone each grading period, and you only need to check off the behavior.
  • Instead of writing each student’s name on a note, use a roster to check off as you send home a positive note. This will help you make sure each student receives a positive note. But still, go ahead and sign the notes. That’s one less step for later. 

Click here to download a free positive note to use with your students! 


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