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Addition 4s and 5s practice Google Classroom Friendly Practice (Free)

One of the resources I’ve been asked for the most lately is student practice that is Google Classroom-friendly. So I’ve shared below practice that anyone can use with their students. Please follow the steps below: 
  1. Click on the picture and make a copy of the practice page. 
  2. Go to Google Classroom and create an assignment. 
  3. Click add and find the practice page you made a copy of. 
  4. Be sure to select make a copy for each student. 
Now students will be able to type in the text boxes and turn it in.  If you’d rather the directions in a video click here

What Google Classroom-friendly practice would you like to see next? Comment below any subject or skill you’d like to see next on the blog. 

Updated: Grab several more addition worksheets for Google Classroom by clicking on the title below: 

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