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Top 3 Instructional Coach Tips

Build a relationship first. You have to build a relationship before you can help someone grow. Please get to know their teaching style, learn about them as a person outside of school, and let them get to know you. I use a teaching questionnaire to get started and then build from there. You can download the one I use here.

Work in their room along side them. To help teachers improve their instructional practices, you need to work alongside them with their students. I like to help out during centers and group work. I follow the teacher’s lead; if she/he is going from table to table asking questions, I do the same. If the teacher is asking students to read to them, I do the same. This builds a relationship with the students and the teachers at the same time.

Offer to teach their class. Do you want them to spend some extra time planning for questioning or give them time to observe another teacher? Give them extra planning by teaching a class. This helps you stay relevant, enables you to connect with the students, and shows the teacher you are willing to put the work in to help them.

If you have an instructional coach in your building, how do they help you? What do you prefer when getting some extra support? Please share below in the comments.

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