One Word 2019


      A New Year trend on Twitter each year is the #Oneword hashtag. You choose a word that will represent your year. My #OneWord2019 is unstoppable because I’m going to be unstoppable when reaching and accomplishing my goals this year! But, what goals? I have thought about my goals since I posted my word 24 hours ago. I decided to create a goal list with an action for each goal. In the past, I’ve made goals, but I do not think about how I am going to get it done.

  • Complete my dissertation and walk the stage in December 2019 and become Dr. Meagan England. I will do this by dedicating at least 8 hours a week to dissertation writing
  • Continue to take care of me. In 2018, I lost 66 pounds, and I’ve almost made my fitness goals. Instead of a weight loss goal, my goal is to be physically stronger. I will do this by continuing to go to the gym, eating healthy, spending time with my family, and adding a boxing class this year. 
  • Continue to grow my instructional knowledge to help support the teachers in my district. I will do this by reading at least one book a month and by visiting at least ten classrooms a week. 
  • Expand my reach and help teachers across the world. I will do this by blogging at least twice a month with posts that are helpful and not superficial. 

             Please help me keep my goals going by checking in on me throughout the year. I would also like to support you throughout the year. If you are interested in a goal motivator, please comment below or reach out on Twitter or Instagram.

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