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30 Sweet and Simple Ways to Get Your Students' Attention

Classroom management tips for first year teachers

As a teacher, I know the importance of having a quick way to grab my students’ attention.  Check out the list of attention grabbers below that I have used in the past with my students:

  1. The teacher says “Soft kitty, warm kitty.” Students say “Little ball of fur.” 
  2. The teacher says “Winner winner.” Students say “Chicken dinner.” 
  3. The teacher says “Alright, stop.” Students say “Collaborate and listen.”
  4. The teacher asks “Ready to rock?”
  5. The teachers say “Hocus Pocus.” Students say “Everybody focus.”
  6. The teacher says “Class, class, class.” Students say “Yes, yes, yes.” 
  7. The teacher says “Quiet on the set.” Students say “Action!”
  8. The teacher says “Ready to listen.” Students say “Ready to Learn.”
  9. The teacher says “Macaroni and cheese.” Students say “Everybody freeze.”
  10. The teacher says “Peanut butter.” Students say “Jelly time.”
  11. The teacher says “Surf’s up!” Students say “Cowabunga dude.”
  12. The teacher says “Du na na na. …” Students say “Batman.”
  13. The teacher asks “Ready to rock?” Students say “Ready to roll.”
  14. The teacher says “Hands on top.” Students say “That means stop.”
  15. The teacher says “Eenie Meenie.” Students say “Minie moe.”
  16. The teacher says “Ready, set?” Students say “You bet!”
  17. The teacher says “Chicka, Chicka.” Students say “Boom, boom.”
  18. The teacher says “Chugga, Chugga.” Students say “Choo, choo!”
  19. The teacher says “That’s not spirit fingers.” Students say “These are spirit fingers.” (while doing spirit fingers) 
  20. The teacher says “Everybody in the house.” Students say “Is as quiet as a mouse.”
  21. The teacher says “Crew.” Students say “Aye, aye, captain.”
  22. The teacher says “Shark bait.” Students say “Hoo ha ha.”
  23. The teacher says “To infinity.” Students say “And beyond.”
  24. The teacher says “Holy moly.” Students say “Guacamole.”
  25. The teacher says “Hakuna.” Students say “Matata.”
  26. The teacher says “Marco.” Students say “Polo.”
  27. The teacher says “Who loves you? Students say “You do.”
  28. The teacher says “Cutie pie, honey bun.” Students say “You know that I love you.” 
  29. The teacher says “Red Robin.” Students say “Yum.”
  30. The teacher says “Oh me.” Students say “Oh my.” 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found something useful for your classroom. If you found it helpful, please share the post with a teacher friend!

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