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You Oughta Know…with a Freebie!

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I am joining Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for her You Oughta Know Blog Hop! I am so very excited because there are going to be so many fun ideas shared.
       I believe if you do not make a personal connection with your students then it is much harder to reach them academically. One of my ways to make a connection is with a roll call question. Each day when the students enter the room their agenda is on the board. The first part of their agenda is their roll call question.

Students answer the question when I call their name for roll. I also give my students the opportunity to pass. I do a pass so that no one feels uncomfortable. After all the students have answered I answer too. The students will remind me if I forget to answer the question. They really enjoy the roll call question. I’ve created a freebie with lots of questions you could use to get you started.

  I also take questions suggestions from my students. They write them on a small sheet of paper and place them in our suggestion box. They really enjoy seeing their question on the agenda.

        This activity takes 3 minutes a day and gives you so much information about your students.

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