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You Should Apply for that Grant!

            I was so excited a few week ago to find out that I received a Wal-mart grant I applied for.. I didn’t receive the full amount that I requested, but I received 500.00! I went to Walmart last night and spent three hours deciding how I was going to spend the money on my classroom.

Look at all those school supplies! I’ve listed under each picture what I was able to purchase. 
I was able to purchase 5 clipboards, 10 packs of page protectors, a wireless keyboard, 6 legal pads, cute cut-outs for the kids lockers, a heavy duty hole punch and 3 packs of neon index cards

A laptop!!!! A wireless mouse, 48 lead pencils, 24 glue sticks, 4 sharpies, lots of command strip products, 100 pencils, 2 back of binder clips, 4 packs of markers, and white out. 
Lastly, 5 packs of paper, label maker refill, post-it tabs, 24 expo markers, laminator machine, 100 laminator packets,  10 CDs, 6 packs of colored paper, and a case of paper! 
  Now it is your turn to have a shopping spree. To apply for the grant I applied for go here. I applied for the community grant.  You will need the following before you start: 
      I hope to hear about some awesome teachers getting some grants for their classrooms. 

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