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Technology Thursday: Excel Tips

I’m joining Teaching Trio for Technology Thursday. I have a few tips on how to use excel. I posted last week about different excel tips, you can find them here
Tip 1: How to edit the Excel tabs (color/name)
1. Right click on the sheet you want to rename. 
2. Then click rename the area will darken and you can type in the area.
3. Click away from area when you are finished typing. 
4. To change the color of the tab, right click on the tab. Then select tab color and finally choose the color you would like. 
Tip 2: How to print with grid-lines in Excel
1. Click on file and then click on print. 
2. Then click page setup
3. Click on the sheet header. 
4. Then check Gridlines and then okay
I hope these were helpful. If you are wondering how to do something in Excel, please comment below and I’ll be sure to do a tutorial on that subject. 
I’m also looking for bloggers to link up here. I’ll be sharing this next week when I present at the TETA conference. I would like to provide all these great teachers from across TN with awesome blogs to check out. 


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