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Student Data Tracking with a Freebie!

      I am a data nut and I try to share that love with my students. My students track data for various activities in our classroom.

Students take a weekly 10 question ELA quiz. The quiz covers various skills from that week and previous weeks. After we discuss the quiz, students then record their data. Click on the picture to download an editable data tracking sheet. This is a great visual for students! 

After students have colored their graph to get a visual of their growth, they then record their score on this sheet. Then students compare their score to their previous score and then set a goal for the next quiz. We talk about setting smart goals at the start of the year. Students understand they need to set attainable and reasonable goals. Click on the picture to download an editable ELA Data & Goals sheet. 
    I would love to hear and see how your students track their data and set goals in your classroom. Please feel free to share links below. 

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