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Beginning of the Year Handouts for Better Classroom Management

I report to in-service one week from today. After finishing the post, I’m heading to school to work on my room. I usually have it done by now, but I have had a jam-packed summer.
This past weekend I worked on a few of the handouts that I will have in my students’ ELA Folders when they come to class on the first day. I usually purchase each student a paper folder when I can get them for .10 and under. (I have over 90 kiddos) Each class has its class color. There are two sides in the folder, one is returned to the teacher, and the other is a notebook. The items on the notebook side will stay in the folder until, as a class, we set up our class binders. The first handout I have is the student Reading Notebook Requirements.

This handout tells them what materials they need and what order everything goes in. They keep this handout under memos in their notebooks if something happens and they need to reorganize. Click on the picture to download the editable version. 
Each year I provide a syllabus for my students with an overview of class expectations, policies, rules, and curriculum. You can download an editable version of mine by clicking on the picture!
Lastly, I’m going to share my Reading Class Important Information handout. This sheet contains their log-ins, passwords, and web addresses for classes. Click on the picture to download an editable version. 


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