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SRSD Freebie!!!

All SRSD Resources on this site can be found here!

   I am currently preparing for my summer adventure as a TN Core Coach. I always love when I go to in-service and the presenter has resources for me to take back to my classroom. The main subject of the in-services is SRSD. SRSD is Self-Regulated Strategies Development  writing approach. There are six stages in SRSD: 

Stage 1: Activate and Develop Background Knowledge
 Build enthusiasm for genre
 Develop background knowledge (and pre-skills)
 Read and discuss models
 Teach genre vocabulary
Stage 2: Discuss It
 Teach strategy (mnemonics)
 Map out models with graphic organizers
 Review and repair poor models, together then alone
 Establish benefits of strategy use
 Explore when / where to use strategy (generalization)
Stage 3: Model It
 Introduce self-talk
 Introduce focused model think alouds
 Students personalize and record self-statements
 Introduce collaborative writes
 Practice self and peer scoring with scales
 Begin graphing
 Introduce goal setting
Stage 4: Memorize It
 Internalize strategy via mnemonics
 Internalize personalized self-statements
Stage 5: Collaborative Practice
 Continue collaborative writing experiences
 Support students’ strategy use, fading support when ready
 Support self-regulation, fading support when ready
 Provide feedback on writing and self-regulation
 Fade prompting strategy use and self-regulation
Stage 6: Independent Use
 Students use strategies and self-regulate independently
 Fade overt self-instruction to covert (“in your head”)
 Ensure transfer and buy in to strategies and self-regulation

     My first freebie for in-service is the POW posters. POW is mnemonic device to help students structure any kind of writing. This is a great tool for students before they start to write. 

I’ve created 5 posters with the POW mnemonic and  click here to get them! 
   I am also starting a Pinterest board for SRSD that you can find here. I’ll be adding resources as I find them. If you have resources please comment below. 

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