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Get Organized Linky!

           The end of the year is coming and I am joining Fifth in the Middle for a linky! In our school all of our room is moved out to clean the floors. So everything needs to be organized or I have a hot mess when it time comes to put everything back together. 
Here are some tips for helping get organized. 
1. Label your cords before your computers are moved. I found this idea at bforbel.com. I have labeled my cords using a label maker, but I think the bread ties are also a neat idea. 
2. Go ahead and put up your bulletin boards and calendar for the start of the year. I use the fade-less paper on my bulletin boards. One less task to get done at the start of the year and less items to pack up. 
3. Take inventory on your supply needs for back to school shopping. Also test out your markers, glue sticks, and pens to throw out anything that does not work. 
You should go check out the other great tips at the linky


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