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Share A Blog Link-Up and To Do List Linky


 I will be presenting at Tennessee Summer Technology Institute in a few weeks. I will be presenting on blogs. I will be sharing my favorite blogs, how to blog, and  the benefits of blogging . I want to be able to share lots of great blogs with teachers and technology individuals. Link up below in the category that matches your blog best.


       Share with all your blogging friends. I would love to have lots of blogs to share at the Summer Institute.

       I have also decided to link up with  Lorraine from Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies for her “To Do List Linky”. Teachers return to school on August 5th and students first day is August 7th. I’ve already started working in my classroom to get it ready for the new year. Here is my to do list: 

  1. Create resources for my new Journeys Reading Series. I have used Reading Street the last few years and have a lot of resources, so I have a lot of work ahead of me. 
  2. Tackle my classroom closet. I’m pretty sure the closet is going to fight back, it is a huge mess. I would like to open the closet and find what I need instantly. 
  3. Wrap my mind around teaching reading, language arts, and writing in an hour and half. I’ve taught reading only for the last couple of years with the same time limit. I’m really going crazy figuring out how to do this. Any suggestions would be great!
  4. Organize data on my students for the upcoming year. I loop with my fifth graders to sixth grade, as well as getting a whole new group of fifth graders. 
 Remember to link up with me and over at Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies

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