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Locker Assignments Freebies and 150 Follower Giveaway

              Our students have their own lockers in grades 3rd-8th at our school. Which means we have a lot of lockers. To keep track of each student and their locker number I use a tracking sheet you can find here. We also give each student a locker slip on open house and in their information packet for the year. The slip I use can be found here. Since we have so many lockers I like to make it easier for students to find their lockers at the beginning of the year. I go to the Dollar Tree and get the cute little die-cuts and write the name of each student on it and then stick it to their locker.You could also cut out your own die-cuts. Most students leave them on their lockers all year long. 

The die-cute packs are 1.00 for thirty. 

    Another note on lockers, after I have put all the students names in their books I put them in their lockers. Then I don’t have to hand them out during class. If you haven’t entered my Giveaway go here. Lots of great prizes! 

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